Is it possible to miss something you’ve never had? Certainly!

I often find myself watching old movies and imagining myself in that time period. The clothes were so sleek and impeccably fitted. Respect was earned before you opened your mouth. I long for those days to return…

One accessory that seems to be making its way into the hearts of men is the man bag. And thankfully so. Lumps and bulges in your pants from a wallet, house keys and chap stick can ruin any well dressed look. here are some tips when shopping for your bag.

1. The bigger, the better. Man bags with straps that are too short or a body that’s too small automatically go in the purse territory.

2. BASIC BASIC BASIC… great black and brown leather should usually be your choice before any loud prints and bold patterns

3. Know when to wear it. Is your look dressy, casual, business or dressed down?

I despise cheap shoes. Leave the rubber soles and square toes on the shelf. Here are some tips for my newbies and fellow shoe lovers…

If you’re the kind of guy that’s not trendy, go for a slim rounded toe. They’re ALWAYS in season and on trend.

 Take your time and choose wisely.

No need to have a shoe for every event unless you want to. If you’re a simple kind of guy invest in a couple of faithful pairs. The right shoe can be translated from day to night, jeans or slacks.

Put taps on your shoes. They’ll preserve your heel and toe and ultimately giving your shoe much longer life.

Regularly polish, wipe and/or buff your shoes.

Be bold…Every shoe doesn’t have to be black or brown